"Yazzie has the most unflinchingly positive attitude of anyone I know. Time with her leaves you feeling inspired to give anything a go. She makes you feel good about yourself and seems to genuinely care about helping you achieve your goals. I'm going to treat myself to a Wilderness Fit every year!"
- Pennie Latin - (Broadcaster, Documentary Producer & Blogger)

This is the main location for Retreats. It is my home in the Cairngorms National Park. Remote and secluded from people and noise, it is the perfect retreat location and my favourite place to be at all times. The accommodation here is in a small wooden cabin in the garden, a tipi and tents.  Although this may seem a bit rustic it is all part of the experience and there is something quite special about returning to a tent in the evening and sitting around a camp fire under the stars. You will have full access to a toilet and hot shower/bath over the weekend, including the fire-heated outdoor bath that my brother has set up with a view to the hills.

For Wilderness Fit landscape sessions we use the trees, rocks, dips in the land, peat bogs and hilly trails for running; fresh water dips in our hidden private icy pool; yoga sessions by the fire or outdoors with an expansive view of the hills. There is plenty time to walk and relax too. There is also the option to do some foraging over the weekend and use the produce in our meals.

Atmosphere and Food

Probably the most important part! Being healthy is about balance. You will not be juicing and eating salad all weekend because that is just not enjoyable or sustainable for anyone. Food plays a big part in our weekend retreats especially when they are run from my home in the Cairngorms. My mum, Ghillie Basan, an internationally acclaimed cookery writer, and a big influence on the style of food we eat. All dietary requirements can be catered for just let me know in advance.

All the meals are healthy, hearty and nutritious. We always have a variety of options for breakfast including homemade granola, smashed avocado, homemade bread, fruit, yoghurt and eggs. Lunch might be a picnic if we are out on the hill or a late salad bar lunch back at the house. If the weather is bad, then we have an old stone barn with a lovely stove that we can stay warm and dry in for lunch. We always offer nibbles in the evening followed by a main meal. If it’s a clear night, we can all cook and sit around a fire and if not then we will eat indoors with the fire. My family and I love to make others feel comfortable and relaxed in our home - most people don’t want to leave!

Glenlivet Long Weekend Retreat

8th-11th September 2023


You will arrive in the afternoon around 4pm and be greeted with welcome drinks and nibbles. All the team will be there, and we will give you a little welcome chat about the weekend ahead. There will be chance to catch the last of the light with an activity before dinner if the group wishes.

The weekend will involve WildernessFit sessions with me where I will guide you through fun outdoor workouts inspired by the natural landscape. The workouts can be tailored to all fitness levels. We will finish my sessions with a dip in our dam (an idyllic, private, freshwater pool surrounded by the ladder hills.) enjoy an energising plunge and our open fire as we offer you up hot spiced chai.

We will either start or end each day with a Yoga class this could be energising or restorative depending on how the group is feeling. There will also be a fermentation workshop and gut health talk to take part in. The weekend will offer plenty time for relaxation, conversation and freedom too. All activities are optional, and I invite you to feel totally at home during your stay.

We will provide three meals a day on the Saturday and Sunday of the retreat. On Friday you will have nibbles and dinner and on Monday you will depart after breakfast. There will be the option to do a little foraging and add the produce into our meals.

I try not to make a set in stone plan for the Weekend as it's important to have time to chill too and chat to each other. I have listed some of the things that will definitely be taking place but there are options to also head to an old bothy for a fire, go on a guided hill walk into the Ladder hills for a picnic or take part in breathwork sessions. The destination is special and offers so much.

*Optional Extras: There is the option to book a 1-hour massage treatment over the weekend, the cost is £50 for the hour of treatment. This will be delivered by Lulu who is a highly experienced sports therapist specialising in soft tissue treatment, massage and acupuncture. Whether you are feeling any tightness or have any aches and pains or just want to have a truly amazing massage Lulu is your girl. Please just let me know in advance so I can schedule the sessions into the weekend.

Meet the team

Yaz Basan

Yaz is the Founder of Wilderness Fit. She is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Ski Coach. She creates and hosts the retreats and will be who you are in touch with to book and get all the information from including the logistics of travel and accommodation, fitness level, any goals or desires for the weekend or day that you are booked onto. Yaz has a passion for providing an experience for people ' I love watching people open up and relax over a weekend or throughout a day, you set the atmosphere correctly and magic happens.' Yaz will be guiding the outdoor fitness sessions and take you for a fresh dip!

Sarah Collins 

Sarah has been practising yoga for over half her life and has been teaching for eight years, in both Scotland and internationally. A life-long student of embodied movement and healing modalities, Sarah brings her varied studies in yoga, tantra and somatic-based practices into the classes, workshops and 1:1 sessions that she offers. Sarah creates spaces to be fully present, to feel deeply and to bring a sense of playfulness and curiosity to our minds, emotions and physical bodies. 
With a passion for the environment and being outdoors, Sarah's classes are inspired by nature, whether inside, cosied up by the fire, or outside in the Scottish, woods and water. 

Hannah Taylor

Hannah is a naturopathic nutritionist with a passion for fermentation as it is an achievable and enjoyable way to bring gut healing, food and drinks into your lifestyle. Hannah offers unique Kombucha brewing and fermentation workshops. She will be offering workshops on the Glenlivet long weekend.

Dates and Costs

Day Retreats

Don't want to come for a full weekend?

Day Retreats can be arranged and tailored to you.
Day Cost: £200 per head with a minimum of 4 people


Glenlivet Retreat 8th-11th of September (Friday-Monday)

Cost: £650 per person for the full Retreat/ 8 spaces available

(Option to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit)

*This includes all activities, accommodation that is provided for specific retreat and catering.

Contact directly to book a space.